Revenge of the Amazons

Cast minimum 12w 5m
ISBN 0 9583393 6 8
Teachers' discount $17
Price $22.50

Revenge of the Amazons
J. Betts & W. Shakespeare

This play has been extremely popular in schools, on the curriculum and in regular production for many years.

Reviewers' comments include:-

"This thoroughly revised version of A Midsummer Night's Dream is stunning - a pantomime romp through a feminist Shakespearean's Dream."

"Leave your prejudices outside this crazy world's entrance and enjoy some of the most bizarre antics from modern clowns that you are likely to see. What will happen to Oberon after Titania drugs him, and he wakes in the clutches of a feminist theatre group?"

"Shakespeare may well be turning in his grave - laughing as helplessly as all audiences do who come to see this classic re-write."